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Our Services

We provide a complete 360-degree approach to home maintenance including carpentry, electrical fixtures and plumbing. With the help of field experts, we make sure all your needs are met and we provide you with a result that is the home of your dreams.

We supply all kinds of air-conditioner maintenance including general cleaning, ducting and ventilation. A quick fix to solve all your weather obstacles. Get in Touch 
We specialise in woodwork for residences and villas – kitchen, office and bathroom remodelling, renovation, fit out work and polishing as well as work with aluminium, glass and gypsum. Get in Touch
We conduct home and office plumbing work including work pump installation, HPVC pipe repair etc to maintain the bones of any property. Get in Touch
We provide exterior and anterior painting, designer-work, profile texture painting and spray paint to keep your property impeccable all year round. Get in Touch
We conduct a complete electrical profile including lighting switches, sockets and wiring installation and repairing that will give you unerring electrical supply for your properties. Get in Touch
Rest easy because we provide all the help you would need with our handiwork solutions. We provide handiwork services like furniture assembling, framing installation, adding self-fixing and readymade fixers Get in Touch

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